You can become a builder of our
Sweet, Sweet Home! 

Meet our builders. 

We invite companies operating in accordance with the idea of ​​socialresponsibility of business to cooperate and work with us. We would like to be in lively contact with You, Your employees, HR department and management staff. We want to give everyone a chance to develop personal sensitivity by learning about the unique life stories of mentally ill people. If You wish, we can gladly come to your company, share the experience of our work and our life. We want corporate social responsibility not to boil down to image building only, but to stimulate the genuine curiosity of others and the willingness to support them in a difficult moment in life. Giving to others is amazing because it brings joy to the recipient and the giver. This project is an opportunity for both sides. For us to complete the Sweet, sweet Home, for you to develop personal sensitivity and social responsibility of Your company and employees.